Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess you thought I was gone forever....

I guess I have been lost in a fog since my last post...just after my 50th birthday. I have been really busy. You see posted here a picture of our newest blessing, a granddaughter named Ava. She is 3 months old now and just precious. In fact, there have been three new babies (including Ava) added to our family since my last post! So you can understand the lack of posting!

We lost our precious malta-poo Belle the day after Christmas. She was near 15 years old so we had enjoyed her for lots of years but we sure do miss her. We are now proudly owned by a apricot poodle named Rudy. (the name is short for Rudolph since he was born on Christmas Day) I can tell you that life with a puppy is really hectic sometimes, but hopefully the house training will go fast. He does manage to pull out three things to every one I manage to put up!
We were blessed to make it through a long, cold winter without too much sickness. Now the trees are blooming out and the pollen is abundant! Mowing is here, azaleas blooming and warm, beautiful days come really often along with the occasional spring storms.
Hopefully I will be more regular at this now but you'll have to forgive me when I skip here and there, it will likely be due to family obligations!