Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ava Has a Birthday!

162652_579294059735_183403918_32784718_6288264_nAva is celebrating her first birthday today.  We had the actual party on Sunday afternoon and returned back home today.  Had a wonderful time spoiling her and watching her antics.  She is very vocal and is walking around everywhere now.  Sweet little personality and looked adorable (as you can see) in her birthday outfit!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ava's First Birthday

This is the birthday tutu, shirt and hat although I still have to add her name to the shirt.  I just love sewing for little girls especially this one!
She is just ONE of our most precious blessings.......!!

Cheap Ribbon Holder

Ribbon HolderThis is a homemade ribbon holder my husband made for me using 1x4 lumber, cup hooks, dowels, a sheet of wood for the back and a drawer handle at the top for ease of handling.  I had all of these ribbons in a drawer and it took me forever to find what I needed.  I looked on the web and found several but the prices were not within a range I liked or they just didn’t suit me.  I took ideas from what I found and explained it to him and he used materials he had to make it with.  I love it!  I can move it around to use or store it easily under my shelves or table.  There is one drawback, I still have ribbons in a drawer!!!!  Blessed to have a husband to do these little things for me, thank you Steve!!!
Oh, I have made progress on the birthday shirt and a matching hat.  Have to get those finished and posted!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, No Resolutions!

I think I am at an age where I have broken so many New Year's resolutions that I am NOT going to make one this year!  In fact, I don't remember when this started happening but I have not had a New Year's resolution in several years!

I have the worst time doing all I intend to do.  I gather for projects that never get done at times because I seem to always be gathering for projects I want to do!  I have several things to do for Ava, want to make all the grandchildren quilts and my son, I want some coasters for myself and the list goes on and on.  On my Yahoo sewing group they are discussing a journal so you can see what you are accomplishing.  Maybe that is what I need.  I have a severe "focus" problem so I think I will give this a try.  We'll see what good it does me!

Rainy and cold here today and I really want to curl up under the blanket with my book and read and sleep but that won't get the projects started.  (really started, not just "gathered!")  First things first, I need to get Ava's birthday top finished for her birthday tutu.  If I mange to stay on track I can have it done in a little while so off I go to the machines to see what I can accomplish.  Since her birthday isn't until the 20th, this would be the perfect thing to get done first and off my mind.   I hope to post a picture of the finished top today or tomorrow.