Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot Pink and Black Hair Bow Holder

Just adding another picture of another hair bow and hot pink!  You can't tell in the photo too well but the hot pink tulle sparkles!
These are so much fun!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tutu Hairbow Holder

 I have just finished the cutest project.  This design (the tutu bodice) is from  It is a completely done in the hoop project for a 5x7 hoop.  After you finish the bodice, simply add strips of tulle and ribbons and decorate to suite your taste.  If you google tutu hair bow holders you will find a huge amount of pictures and ideas.  I used what I had on hand to make this one but took a quick trip to the store today to get some fun things to do with some more.  In this file she also includes perfect, easy to follow directions complete with pictures.  I had wanted one of these for my granddaughters for a while now but if you look at them, you'll find they can be pricey.  I found them from $12.99 up to $60.00 on etsy.  This design is only $10.00 and the possibilities are endless.  Some that I have looked at are made from wood and some are made from foamcore board, but I couldn't imagine cutting these out.  You will get a template with the design and a  complete list of all materials you will need.  The back is just as finished and pretty as the front.  Any little girl would love having one of her very own I would imagine.    I am not connected with Embroidery Garden in any way, but I sure am a happy customer!

Cleaning that Gas Stovetop and Shower Doors

I love cooking on my gas stove but let's face it, it's hard to clean!  I use baking soda and a warm wet cloth to scrub with and once it is clean I coat it with car wax, let dry to a haze and then buff.  Amazingly it will keep the scrubbing to a bare minimim next time it is wiped!  This will last for quite a while before it has to be done again.  I love it when you find an easy way to clean.  I also have found once the shower doors are clean, I can take a bit of baby oil on a wash cloth and rub over them and they will repel the soap and water.