Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Hoop Coasters

I have discovered a wonderful set of coasters made entirely in the embroidery hoop. The title will link you to where you can find all kind of cute designs and ITH projects. These were extremely easy and came with a wonderful text document, complete with pictures, to guide you. Totally stress-free embroidering and the price was really good! I am sorry the picture doesn't do the fabric justice! I made these for my daughter Casey. She has some really pretty pottery type coasters but with little Ms Ava sure to be crawling before we know it these will be much safer for her and the coasters! All my grandchildren so far have been attracted to the coasters on the tables! Wish I had these a few years ago!
We were able to be with Casey and Ava this past weekend at Ava's dedication at her church. She was a perfect little lady. How can anyone look at this little face and not wonder at GOD's goodness and blessings?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ava's New Dress

I just finished this new dress for Ava. I used McCall's pattern 5353 (stress free and easy to sew up!) which is a crossover in the back dress with button shoulders and the bloomers. I confess I have had the fabric in my stash for quite some time now....uhhh, lets say about 9 years!!!! I intended on making something from it for the oldest granddaughter when she was little and just never got it done! I also embroidered appliqued lemons on a ready made bib and embroidered underneath the lemons "Pucker UP!" I used the same colors so it made a complete matching outfit. I hope to do more sewing....and our little ole town has just been blessed with its first official quilt shop that has fabrics just begging me to buy them!
My daughter asked me not to make anything PINK.....I guess little Ms Ava has enough pink for now and I certainly don't see any pink in this outfit!!!
My sister had gallbladder surgery today and thankfully everything went well.....She is going to feel so much better in a few days and she is hyper and hard working so no telling what she is going to attempt now! I thank God for watching over her thru this!