Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, No Resolutions!

I think I am at an age where I have broken so many New Year's resolutions that I am NOT going to make one this year!  In fact, I don't remember when this started happening but I have not had a New Year's resolution in several years!

I have the worst time doing all I intend to do.  I gather for projects that never get done at times because I seem to always be gathering for projects I want to do!  I have several things to do for Ava, want to make all the grandchildren quilts and my son, I want some coasters for myself and the list goes on and on.  On my Yahoo sewing group they are discussing a journal so you can see what you are accomplishing.  Maybe that is what I need.  I have a severe "focus" problem so I think I will give this a try.  We'll see what good it does me!

Rainy and cold here today and I really want to curl up under the blanket with my book and read and sleep but that won't get the projects started.  (really started, not just "gathered!")  First things first, I need to get Ava's birthday top finished for her birthday tutu.  If I mange to stay on track I can have it done in a little while so off I go to the machines to see what I can accomplish.  Since her birthday isn't until the 20th, this would be the perfect thing to get done first and off my mind.   I hope to post a picture of the finished top today or tomorrow.

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