Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheap Ribbon Holder

Ribbon HolderThis is a homemade ribbon holder my husband made for me using 1x4 lumber, cup hooks, dowels, a sheet of wood for the back and a drawer handle at the top for ease of handling.  I had all of these ribbons in a drawer and it took me forever to find what I needed.  I looked on the web and found several but the prices were not within a range I liked or they just didn’t suit me.  I took ideas from what I found and explained it to him and he used materials he had to make it with.  I love it!  I can move it around to use or store it easily under my shelves or table.  There is one drawback, I still have ribbons in a drawer!!!!  Blessed to have a husband to do these little things for me, thank you Steve!!!
Oh, I have made progress on the birthday shirt and a matching hat.  Have to get those finished and posted!

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