Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Things I Have Been Doing

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 Emilee gets a new top, of course it was last summer :)
ITH keychains for gifts!

 In the hoop projects, composition notebook cover and  monogrammed key chain for a friend of Casey's.  These projects can be found at  Very easy and really cute, the look changes with the fabrics you choose.  The key chain was my first ITH project and I love doing them!

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The overalls were from Walmart and became Ava's Halloween outfit......Said I wouldn't ever do another pair of these but I did and these were easier.  She looks like a little doll in them!

So this is just a little catch up on some of the things I have done.  Just made Ava two more dresses.  One is a pillowcase dress and the other a peasant style dress both using fabrics from the stash.  I hope to post more later!  The real world demands my attention at the moment!


  1. I love it all! Every time I see a picture of Ava I giggle. She has the most expressive face. :)

  2. She is her mother's child for sure!!!