Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun New Burp Cloths

Just finished making some cute burpcloths from prefolded diapers.  Quick and easy project for a baby gift.  I added ribbons to the bottom, you can never get diapers that have a nice clean edge, except for the one with cowboy boots.  I added jumbo red rickrack with a strip of denim under it that I clipped and left the edge raw so it would fray as it is washed.  Love doing
fun baby gifts!!!!!!
 The internet is loaded with cute things you can add to burp pads and then include a name if you can.


  1. These are so cute! Any mommy would be thrilled to receive them. :)

  2. thanks Pam, can't wait to do a version of the little cowboy boots for girls!

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    Let me know if you choose not to participate. Thanks and hope to be reading your answers soon. :)