Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Make a Snow Globe

Emilee, the 10 year old granddaughter, had to make a snow globe from recycled materials for extra points. I had never done the but after a little reading on the web found what info I needed and we got one done. Here's what you will need.....
One empty jar with lid (I used a junior baby food jar)
one figurine for the inside (we did purchase a glass angel for $1 at the Dollar Store for this)
gorilla glue or some water proof glue
assorted trims and a bead (all from left over craft projects)
Baby oil
Make sure jar is label free and clean and dry.
Glue the figurine to the inside of the jar lid and let set whatever amount of time your glue recommends, I let it set overnight.
Fill jar just almost full of baby oil and add glitter. Glue the lid on the jar making sure you seal it well to prevent leaks. When this is set use hot glue or any other you choose and attach any trims you want, we used some beads that were on a strip of fabric that would hang down from the lid. I glued a bead on top and put in a pc. of trim to make this an ornament....use the stronger glue for this so it won't come loose.
I can see where this would be a wonderful project for Bible schools and parties. The baby oil helps the glitter from falling too fast or you can use water with a few drops of glyercine added.
Merry Christmas all....don't stress over all that is to be done, take a breath and just relax a moment, if it gets done, good for you, if not you will likely be the only one that knows what your "good" intentions were anyway!

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