Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making a Teepee Model

Yesterday had to make a teepee model for Emilee. I got online and read although I had in my head an idea of how to do it. Finally settled on covering a cheap childs party hat with some tan fleece I had on hand and used some reeds I had left from some fragrance dispensers for the sticks. Easy enough! Then I cut a circle from construction paper for a sun and used strands of thread to put behind it for a "sun" decoration, put some red rick rack around the teepee....used a knotted piece of green thread glued to it for a "snake" and took a piece of indian looking fabric, fraying the ends, and glued all this on for decorations on the outside of the teepee. I cut some leaves from some fabric scraps and glued them on there too. I used a permenant marker to make paw prints on it too. Not really hard to do but the real delight was when Parker saw it......he kind of had that glazed look that I get seeing a new sewing machine......saying I need that. So after I can get myself settled I guess I will be making some teepees for the grandsons that enjoy those cheap plastic "army" type men so much!
We are so blessed with the grandkids but they do keep you busy. I can't imagine how parents manage alone without the help of someone else!


  1. I'd love to see some pictures of your teepee Rita.

  2. sorry Dena, I didn't get pictures of this one and Emilee took it to school today......if I get some made for Parker I will post some pictures but may be after Christmas!