Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using Metal Washers in Place of Sewing Weights

A couple years ago I had read about the benefits of using "weights" instead of pins when laying out your pattern on fabrics.  Each time you lift your fabrics to pin the pattern you stand a chance of shifting things a bit.  I didn't have any weights but had read about things you could use.  Some folks make their weights sewing fabric into small pillows and filling with rice or beans, etc. and some folks use small canned items such as tuna.  My husband picked up these large washers at the hardware store.  Twenty to the box, they are heavy and do a wonderful job holding the pattern down.  After cutting out, I pin the fabric with one pin to the pattern just to hold together until I get to that piece to sew it up.  Faster than pinning too!  Have you found an "everyday" item you use for sewing?

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