Friday, September 11, 2009

A Week Full of Blessings and Surprises!

This is truly a week full of blessings and surprises! I turned 50 on Monday and Saturday night was totally surprised with a party full of family, friends and loads of fun! Casey was able to come after telling me for a full month that she wouldn't be home for Labor Day. My son and his three children were there. Loads of family and friends were there. I can not believe that so many knew and not one leaked the surprise to me! So now I am 50, no longer middle aged I wouldn't think since few live to be 100 so I guess that makes me old? Doesn't matter, as one friend says, I am now 50, I am who I am and comfortable with it and don't care what anyone else thinks! That's me!
Then on Tuesday Steve had surgery on a pinched nerve in his neck. He is doing well, even coping with the fact I am his taxi...he did so well the doctor allowed him to come home Tuesday evening instead of spending the night in the hospital. I pray he will continue to recover and be rid of the pain he was suffering.
So you see, I have had a wonderful week of surprises and blessings!


  1. Happy belated birthday! What a nice surprise to celebrate this momentous occassion with your family and friends. My prayers are with Steve, praying for a successful and quick recovery.

  2. thanks Dena...has put me behind but he is doing really well, just hard being a taxi!!!