Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OOPS I have been behind!

Haven't posted since the 20th of LAST did September get here so fast?
I have found a new addiction and its Farmtown on Facebook. Cute little game that I was invited to play by different friends. If you want a fun little game to play, try it.
Since my last post we now know that our little "butter bean" is a girl. We are excited and thrilled with the upcoming birth of Ava in January. The time will certainly fly by as it always does.
Have a dental appointment in a bit...sure hate that. Then plans to get some work done here and some more embroidery. I am getting a bit behind on everything. Grandkids suffered a virus but are now better.
I am so thankful we live in a country where we can worship without the fear of being punished. I do wonder how much longer that will be. Christians need to take a stand before things are so out of control we no longer have a voice and while we can!

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  1. I think there must be help out there for Farmtown addicts. If so, I need to sign my mom up with you!!! LOL. I am glad it is fun.