Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blessings of Lifetime Friendships

I once heard that most people can not fill the count on one hand with the names of true friends in their lives. I really find that hard to believe. I have many really good friends and many truly special friends.
My sister is among one of my oldest and dearest friends. She and I didn't used to be friends. We fought and resented one another and just weren't really close growing up. This is not to say that she would not have fought a bear for me at any time in our lives, she just didn't let me know it! As we age, we grow closer and closer. Our children are gown now and we don't live around nor have we ever lived around our parent's families. I know that if I am in need, she'll be the first one there for me. We are different in many ways, but we share a mutual love for one another.
Kathy is my best friend from 3rd grade and that was many, many years ago. She feels like family to me. I can count on the phone ringing at least a couple times a week around 8:30 a.m. and hear her voice.....just checking on me or just to tell me she loves me. We have shared some similar heartaches in life and there's lots of things she can tell you about me, and there are just as many things she wouldn't ever tell you about that is a true friend. We have laughed together, cried together and poured our hearts out to each other through out the years. If I needed her, 24/7, she'd be there in a heartbeat. She knows I'd do the same for her!
I met Janet in the 7th grade. I was in awe of her gentleness and kindness. She still amazes me with her kind ways. We struggled through Biology class together in the 9th grade. I don't know who hated it worst, me or her! We still keep in contact on a regular basis and she still inspires me to be what I should be in my life. She is always just a phone call away when I need her and she knows I am always here for her too.
Pam and I met each other on a night shift job years ago. She has lived away from here for over 20 years now, but we still keep in contact. Not only does she have the gift of sense of humor, but she has a the gift of helping you to realize its all in God's hands. Her positive no-need-to-worry attitude is amazing! She is talented, witty, smart and all of the things that I cherish in a friend. She has a kind listening ear and always says the right things at the right time.
Marie and I met on the ballfield when our kids were small. We immediately became "sisters of the heart" and have remained so until this day. We cry on each others shoulders when we need to and laugh and share things in our lives as often as we can get together.
Last, but not least, my daughter. I feel especially blessed that she and I can be mother/daughter but also friends. Maybe its because we share the same quirky sense of humor... I don't know, but I know she will have many special friends in her life too because she is special.
Each of these ladies have wonderful personalities and each possess the qualities I want in a true friend. I have many, many friends not mentioned, these are just my oldest and dearest, the ones I can count on lifting me up when I am down, the ones I can laugh with until I wet my pants....the ones that I can tell them I love them and believe that they return the love without conditions. I thank God for all my friends in my life and know they are my blessings. These are friends that I sometimes fear losing in my life but only to death...then I am reminded that each of them are not only "sisters of the heart" but also "sisters in Christ". I look forward to an eternity of friendship with each of them. Cherish your own friendships in life and don't hesitate to let them know what they mean to you.

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  1. Everything I know about be an adult friend YOU taught me! You got me when I was only 19 and thank the Lord you trained me pretty well! :)

    I love you, sweet friend and count you as a treasure each day.