Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Books to Read - Janet Evanovich

If you are in need of good reading with plenty of laughs, I highly recommend the Stephanie Plum series of books by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie, in between jobs, finds herself working as a bounty hunter (although poorly) for her cousin Vinny. This series of books start with "One for the Money" and continue to the current book "Finger Licking Fifteen". Each is packed with the adventures Stephanie, Lula and Stephanie's dysfunctional family, namely Grandma. I find I laugh out loud many times reading these books and find it hard to put one down.
Today I know I am blessed although I feel kind of stressed with all I need to do. Lawn needs mowing, house needs attention and groceries need to be gathered. As much as I am stressed, I am more blessed. I HAVE a lawn to mow, a home to clean and money to purchase groceries. Furthermore, when I take time to pray and be thankful, I can begin to concentrate on doing these things and help erase the stress! May not get it all done today, but life will go on!

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  1. Stan has banned me from reading this at night because I wake him up laughing out loud! tee hee. Have you read the newest, Finger Lickin' Fifteen yet? I haven't but hope to pick it up at Costco this weekend. It is a tad cheaper.