Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy Day Peach Cobbler

Busy Day Peach Cobbler

29 oz. can of sliced peaches
1/3 cup sugar
3 oz. box peach jello
stick of margarine melted
1/2 box yellow cake mix (or the l layer size)

Drain the peaches, reserving syrup, and spread in a long dish. Sprinkle sugar and jello over the peaches.
Cover with the cake mix, dribble peach juice over cake mix, pour melted margarine over all. Bake at 350 45
minutes. (Very easy and fast to fix)

This recipe came from my DAD! To be fair, his sister shared it with him. When I asked what size long dish to put it in, his reply was "longer than a baby's shoe box but shorter than a football field".....quickly followed by saying a 9x13 pan worked well for him. You can see his wonderful sense of humor in this as it is in nearly all things.
For more delicious recipes and some wonderful links to fun sewing tutorials and ideas, visit my friend Pam's blog at Pam and I are long time friends although she has lived in South Carolina now for over 20 years. When we see each other or talk, we just pick back up where we left off!
Today when thinking of blessings, I am thankful for getting my sense of humor from Dad. A sense of humor I feel is a blessing because it can get you through daily trials by seeing it in a whole new light. Laughter is wonderful. When my family manages to get together there are always plenty of laughs. I have wonderful friends that always help me to laugh. Humor can be a healing emotion that everyone needs in their lives!

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