Friday, July 24, 2009

My daughter Casey has just gotten her aviation wings at Ft Rucker. Pictured are "my girls" and me. The little blonde is my granddaughter Emilee. We were so proud to be able to be there when she was pinned. Steve did the honors of actually pinning her wings. She is now one of only 300 aviation Medivac pilots. I was really surprised that there are just 300 in this field. The commander over this group says it helps him to maintain a close relationship with each one. Please pray for all of our military. These men and women sacrifice so much to serve our country. Honor them and thank them every opportunity you can.
Yesterday I went with Casey to the doctor and he says all is well with her pregnancy and that next month we should know what she is having! I am so excited!
Today I am so thankful to be back home safely. As I get older, one of the sweetest pleasures of any trip is the trip back home! I am so thankful for the safe trip there and back and so thankful that God has given me a home that I cherish and love returning to. Its not a fancy house, its HOME. I can only imagine what our final trip will be when we go to our heavenly home one day. Seeing all those that have gone before us, those that we have missed and remembered, but mostly seeing the Lord and Savior that has blessed us without fail here on earth.

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