Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sew Easy Quilt

Have you ever wanted to make a quilt? I did. My friend Pam directed me to an easy pattern that I thought I could possibly finish. This quilt just uses 10" squares of fabric to create an easy and fun to do quilt. My daughter loves coffees so I made hers with a coffee theme. I cut and sewed all the squares but then took it to a professional quilter for quilting and binding. I was so inspired that I made a matching "mug rug", or coaster and bought a cup that matched the theme. She was really impressed with it. On the embroidery machine I added a label to the back side of the quilt with the date and her name. I didn't think I would ever be able to finish a really fancy quilt that would require my attention for a long period of time. Mine was by no means perfect, but it was fun for me and I don't think Casey has seen any of the mistakes, if she has, she overlooks them! I hope to make quilts for each grandchild and one for my son. I will think on a theme that matches each person. I would encourage anyone that wants to try making a quilt to try this one for starters. If you click on the "Sew Easy Quilt" title you will find the 10" square quilt made in different fabrics and I think you will be inspired, if not encouraged to try a quilt of your own.
Today I am thankful that I am able to be a stay at home wife. Many think us stay at home folks don't do too much or that it wouldn't be rewarding. I beg to differ! Today I am caring for one sick grandchild, Caden, and likely heading off to pick up Emilee at church camp. This morning she called and thinks she doesn't want to stay the week and I promised her if she didn't that I would come get her. So I will hear back from her this afternoon and go get her if she decides to come on home. Had I not been able to be here it would have required Moms and Dads or other grandparents to take off work and do what being a stay at home wife allows me to do just by making small changes in my schedule......hmm,what schedule? I schedule as I go and as the needs arise! Thank you God, and my husband Steve, for allowing me the opportunity to be a stay at home wife!

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  1. I love the finished quilt and mug rug. I know Casey will always treasure it.