Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thinking Christmas in July?

I keep seeing those little things popping up unexpectedly here and there about Christmas being X number of days, you know how time flies. I thought I would share a picture of some overalls made for my great-niece, Ella. These will likely be the only pair I ever make. They are called by many names, my favorite being "boutique overalls." If you do a Google search with this name you can be lost for hours seeing plenty of good ideas.

The first picture shows the front of the overalls. I bought these at Wal-Mart, just a plain pair of cheap children's overalls. I drew the bib so I could create a pattern to cover it with the red gingham. I embroidered "Who Needs Santa, I have Granna" and a small Christmas tree on the gingham and then sewed it to the overall bib. I added red ball fringe and ruffled Christmas fabric to the bottom of the red gingham bib piece, the legs and the back of the overalls. I embroidered an appliqued gift box on the leg in front and a Santa head on the center top back. Sewing on these was challenging since there are the really thick double seams you have to sew over. I added little jingle bells under the ruffles so Ella would jingle as she walked. I was so proud of them and so relieved to be done with them! I said I'd never do another pair but then as I look at them I think, well maybe.....

In less than a month we, or should I say I, may know what sex "Butter Bean" is. Butter Bean's dad is one of our brave soldiers presently in Afghanistan. He has asked that Casey not know the sex of the baby until he can return in October. So the plan is that they will do the sonogram, if they can determine the sex of the baby it will be written on a card, sealed and mailed to me. I will have to keep the secret until Michael is home again and then I can tell him and Casey what they are having. Michael feels like he is missing so much, although we did record the last visit for him and Casey will be sending it to him via the internet when she returns home on Friday. I get the pleasure of finding out early so I can get to making things! I ask that you all pray for Michael and all our soldiers to return home safely. I am thankful that I am getting to spend time with Casey. She will be home until Friday and then she has to go back to Ft Rucker and go to work. For all us moms that can be with our children, lets remember those that can't and be thankful that God is allowing us the time we have with them each day. Luckily, my son lives just around the corner and I can see him and his children often. I am so thankful to have been blessed with my children and grandchildren.

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  1. Those overalls are so adorable but looks like lots of hardwork!

    I am praying for Michael and Casey and for Michae's safe return home.