Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diaper Bags, A New Fashion Statement for Baby

Diaper bags are a fun thing to do with a simple pattern and some fun fabrics and designs. I remember when I had my children, I had one large diaper bag and one smaller bag. If I remember correctly I used these two bags for both of my children. Moms now have lots of choices and lots of styles. I used to pack the large bag and carry the smaller one to throw a bottle and diaper in for shopping trips and church, but had that larger one in the car with all the other necessities just in case! I wasn't able to line the photographs like I wanted to because I am admittedly cyber-challenged!
The first bag pictured was for my great-niece, Ella. My sister chose the pretty bright turquoise fabric for the outside with a matching stripe on the inside. The choice in trims are just limitless. Using your imagination you can do almost anything to decorate the bag along with all those wonderful embroidery designs out there.
The second bag was made by sewing together a kids print and adding the "cuff" of green chenille fabric with the name embroidered on it. This was a really large bag but so much fun to look at with all the colors. I then added yellow ball fringe to the edge of the cuff.
The third bag was made from some fabric that had a texture somewhat like burlap, but it was more tightly woven than burlap. I had to dig through my stash to find colors to work with this one! (I convince myself this is the reason for building a stash!) The sailboat was originally in bright primary colors but I was able to embroider it using the color theme the bag was in. I love the blues and browns together.
All these bags are made from a similar technique but all are different sizes. I wish I had pictures of all the bags I have made. I have fabric waiting to make more, just haven't had the time to do it! You could make diaper bags from now until forever and never make the same one twice! Just as soon as we know what sex "Butter Bean" is, I will be trying to come up with another special bag!
You know, no matter what the situation, if you'll take time to look, you can find a blessing. When my Mother was sick and dying, we had the blessing of people that came from all directions to help us. We witnessed the love our parents shared in the kindness and gentleness our Dad used to care for Mama. How softly he spoke to her and how carefully he washed her face and catered to her. We KNEW they loved each other, but we got to witness that love first hand in their actions and conversations as her disease progressed. Although it was tough, we had the blessing of time to say the things we needed to say but rarely take the time to when we take for granted that tomorrow will come. Today I thank GOD for all those blessings that come no matter how badly things seem to be. I just hope that I can always be mindful enough to see the blessings and not let myself get lost in the despair of the moment.

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