Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Easy Italian Beef

Italian Beef

1 2-3 lb chuck roast
1 package Italian Dressing Mix
1 jar drained pepperoncini peppers
1 package Au Jus gravy mix

Wash the roast and place in crock pot. Cover with the peppers (I normally remove the stems) and cover with Italian Dressing Mix.
When the roast becomes tender (approx. 6 hours) remove some of the liquid and mix with the Au Jus gravy mix and return to the crock pot and allow it to cook another 20-30 minutes. If you feel you don't have enough juices, add some water. Some like to serve the sandwich "dipped" but I don't really care for soggy bread!! Serve on hoagie buns for a hearty sandwich! Wonderful for those days you don't want to spend lots of time in the kitchen but want folks to think you did!

This makes a very hearty MAN'S sandwich, but really a good one for ladies too! The peppers are not too spicy but you could add some spicy ones if you prefer.

Thankful today that my back is feeling better. A couple years ago I spent much time at the acupuncture's office getting this problem resolved and it worked well until the last couple days. I think I am just tired. I don't like complaining, so I am thankful for the pain to be gone for a bit!

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  1. Rita, Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to give it a try. Glad to hear your back is feeling better. Nothing worse than a backache. Hope you continue to feel better.