Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get a Tissue for this book!

I recently read this book. It is an early American setting and about the lives of three migrant siblings that lose their parents. It follows each of them as they are orphaned and then grow up, two wishing to find the others and one that is unaware until unfortunate circumstances and finds she is actually adopted but knows nothing of the other 2 siblings. Couldn't put it down. Each ones story is heart wrenching and the fact that it refers to the "Orphan Train" that carried orphans to the mid-west to be given to families and sometimes only for the fact they are old enough to work and help support the family.
This book shows how the 2 older siblings lean on God's guidance in their lives and has a wonderful ending. I had never read a book by this author before but read the reviews on it and all of them were very good. I cried many times throughout the book but it left me with a wonderful feeling and appreciation for family.
Reading this book sure did help enforce in me to be thankful for my family and my own situation growing up. We had plenty of love and the right amount of discipline!

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