Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kids Hooded Towel Tutorial

You can buy hooded towels for infants that are really cute but you can make them from matching store bought bath and hand towels that are so much better! They are made from thicker fabrics and last longer like regular towels do plus they are larger and seem to me more absorbent.
Beckie over at (or simply click on the Kids Hooded Towel Tutorial) has created a wonderful tutorial for making these wonderful hooded towels. She kindly gave me permission to use a link to her and her picture for this post. I have made them before and plan to make more in the future. Visit Beckie's blog and enjoy your visit there!
I am so thankful today that I can get on the internet and find folks like myself that enjoy creating things and sharing their love and thankfulness for God's blessings. I have found so much creative inspiration and Christian inspiration just sitting here in the comfort of my own home by visiting places on the web.

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