Sunday, August 9, 2009

Machine Embroidery Applique for Kids

You just have to love sewing for kids! Pictured is an outfit I made for Emilee, my granddaughter, when she was about 3. Its just a simple little top with carpis, you know the pattern books are full of these, made from pink and white gingham check. I added a bunny from in applique. I needed something for the pants to make the outfit look complete and emailed Marilyn Brandon, the owner of Sew Many Designs, and told her I would pay her to digitize me a heart applique. Marilyn was so sweet she sent me the heart applique free! If you have never done embroidery applique on your embroidery machine, hop over to Marilyn's site or google "machine embroidery applique designs" and you will find tons of stuff! This is from the Marilyn's design collection called Hop Into Spring. Marilyn has an extensive collection of things for giving these plain Jane patterns a quick boutique look! Each design will include a text of instructions for helping you applique the design. I am not affiliated with Sew Many Designs in any way other than that of a happy customer! Look through her project pages and see some other ideas customers have posted using her designs. In fact, you will find that I have posted this very outfit in the customer project pages.
Oh, and you will find that you can use up some scraps of fabrics you have laying around when doing embroidery applique!
Today was a wonderful day! Its still warm but there was a breeze. We were able to take the 3 grands to church with us this morning. Its a wonderful time to spend with them and introduce them to God and His Word.


  1. This is so adorable. I love gingham fabric for children.

  2. Your granddaughter's outfit is so cute. I just love sewing for my grandkids.