Friday, August 7, 2009

Meet Belle

This is another family malta-poo, Tinkerbelle, or more commonly known as Belle to us. Belle doesn't know she is a D-O-G. Where ever you find me in the house you will usually find Belle. She is almost 14 years old and still in really good health except for some skin tags that the vet says can be removed but will likely return, so we just deal with them as long as they aren't seeming to irritate her too much. She used to have her own chair in the sewing room, or what she thought was HER chair. In fact, one day my daughter was here and sat in the chair as we were looking something up on the computer and Belle kept jumping on my leg and pawing at it and crying or dancing around whining. Casey asked what was wrong with her and I told her she was in Belle's chair. She got up, Belle hushed and jumped up in her chair. Casey says that is one spoiled dog! Since, I have gotten her a basket with a pillow in it because it takes less room and Belle doesn't have to jump into the chair each time we come to the sewing/computer room. I know lots of folks don't care for a pet in the house, but Belle is now such a part of the family I can't imagine life without her. Since I am aging right along, I will likely not have another dog, but I do love having Belle around! She is a wonderful companion and lots of company for me.
Today I am thankful for a growing family! Not only is my daughter expecting, but I have two nephews and wives expecting babies and all are due within 7 months of each other. My youngest nephew, Jake, called yesterday to tell me the news. This will be their first born so it is especially exciting for them. I told him so many were having babies I was afraid to drink the water. His reply was "Aunt Rita, drinking water isn't what does it!" I told you all before, our family has lots of laughs!
I am so excited for all of them and pray God will bless each one with healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!

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  1. Sounds like it's time to start sewing burp cloths, receiving blankets, and quilts. Congratulations on the upcoming additions to your family. Babies are so special.